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scenic designer | technical director


Lincoln High School Theatre, 2017

Book by Roger O. Hirson

Music by Stephen Schwartz

Direction by Amanda Nelson

Lighting Design by Rachel Polan

Costume Design by Sara Crosby

-- With all of its magic and flair, Pippin was boiled down to the image of the sun; its allure and its destructiveness. I felt that the sun was a key element in designing this show, with allusion to its palate, its motion, and its light. Against this warmth of color gathered layering of webbing and structure, expanding and accumulating as Pippin's journey brings him to near-death.

Pippin, Opening Scene
Pippin, War Tent
Pippin, Glory
Pippin, Cityscape
Pippin, Finale
Pippin, Finale

photos by Mike Shafer and Alex Meyer


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